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Friday, 15 July 2016

A little bit of a W & T challenge...

Good Morning my lovelies... how are you all? 

This month is going so quickly, I can't exactly think where time is rushing off to! It's time - as you can see - for our next lovely Challenge over at the Win and Tonic blog. 

We have a Take Your Pick Challenge this month... and you can take any part of this list and combine them if you wish to. Here's how it works. 

The list of options below are for you to choose from, and you can take ANY of the options, or COMBINE some of the options if you wish. There's a colour, a technique, a theme and a product... and they are...... 

  • COLOUR - Black and white - plus another colour of your choice. 
  • TECHNIQUE - Glue gun stuff - anything you can do with it, to add to your project. 
  • PRODUCT - a little Rococo
  • THEME -  Something for the girls 
So, there you go.... that gives you the ideas of the Challenge, and here's what I created for my sample card. 

The sentiment of the card is one of my favourite go-to dies, as it's quite modern and says exactly what it needs to! 

The butterflies are from our stamp and die Rococo collection - I chose to use Laura as it had some really pretty swirls on the tips of their wings. 

I cut the butterfly from black, lime green and white. I layered them up once I detached them from the card (as they are cut into the card, so you need to make a couple of little snips). 

You can see the dimension on the butterflies. It's great fun to add dimension to them simply by gluing the centre of the bodies together using your glue gun. I finished them off with some Nuvo drops. 

I hope you can find time to join in the challenge this month - there are some fantastic sentiment dies available to win!!

Please leave us some comments so we can come over and visit you too... 

Happy Crafting! 

Jo xxx

Friday, 1 July 2016

ooooh my giddy aunt.....

I can remember that phrase from a long time ago..... and I haven't said it in quite a while!! However... it came to mind this morning when I looked at how long it was since I managed to get on the ol' blog and do a post... 

Life has been a bit busy - what with gardening, work, furbabies and other family things, time just seems to fly. But in a good way, the garden is looking like an abundance of leafy goodness, work is steady and coming together, the furbabies are contented, spoiled and all the rest of it, and family are as bonkers as ever. 


So... today, I thought I would finish this post for you that I started a while ago, and share this project with you. 

I created it using the envelope dies that came out a while ago now (listed at the end of the post) and I kept it quite simple with a stamped sentiment and a bit of a drop shadow. 

Firstly, you will need to use the larger central die from the set, and cut it from white and also from your darker shade of pink. 

Layer these together, sightly offset to create a drop shadow effect. Trim around the edges to make them nice and even. Take a lighter shade of pink and attach the top lacey layer using foam pads for dimension. Trim the edges so they are nice and even. You can do this with scissors. 

Cut out a slightly larger base of mirror card, leaving around a 2mm border all the way around. Stick underneath your panel. 

Mount this onto your card blank using 3d foam pads. Nsxt you will need to stamp your sentiment, or whatever it is that you choose to include onto the front. You can also add some paper flowers or just a bow to keep it simple - it will look classy and beautiful just as it is. 

I hope you like the quick and easy project today... these dies are just amazing and as you can see, are not just for envelopes. 

Here are your dies you need... have a fantastic day everyone!!

Shopping List

White cardstock
Light pink cardstock
Dark pink cardstock
3D foam pads
White card blank
Silver mirror card

Monday, 20 June 2016


Hello everyone.. and Merry Christmas!

I know it's not exactly Christmas, but here, in creating world, it has been for the past few weeks as we've been trudging away through the snow (aka debris on the craft floor) to bring you some fantastic samples using the Christmas Pick of the Week Rococo dies. Have you seen them?

Oh my word..... they are right up my alley! Cute, sweet.... what more could you ask for? So today, I thought I would share my little Reindeer with you.

Isn't he just the sweetest little guy? I think he's adorable, but I did leave him until last to work with him because I knew I would be using him alot if I didn't. 

For the background of the card I used one of our older dies, but you could use corners, stamps, papers, anything you wish really... but I wanted to keep the colours quite neutral. I added a layer of green to the background as I was using this in my front panel of the card. 

As you can see from the close up here, I cut out the little guy from darker brown cardstock, then stuck him onto lighter card and cut around. I also stuck another layer onto darker card to cut out the mouth area and the feet. I paper pieced the scart using bits of green and red.

I do love a little white gel ink too on my cutey characters... and this one didn't escape it. So, he got the obligatory eye highlight and litle highlights on his scarf, feet, nose and ears. I think it just adds a little brightness.

I hope you like the card... it's quite an easy, quick one to make... but I'm sure you've seen lots of our little Reindeer this week. I love him, and I'm sure you do too!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Thank you for coming along to create.... a little tutorial.

Well Good Morning everyone... 

How are we all? Enjoying the lovely weather? It's been a tad hot for me, but still nice to be able to get the fresh air and sunshine around the garden. 

Today, I just want to say thank you so much for all the lovely folks that came along to Bolton Arena to visit the Hunkydory show, and came along to spend a little time on our stand to do the workshop to create this card. 

Everyone was so lovely - even though the temperature went up and up throughout the day - it was great to spend some time with you all for a chat, a laugh and to share our different crafting experiences. 

Anyway, here is the card that we made, and we chose to focus on the Sew Pretty dies. So here is a little step by step for those who would like to recreate the card. I hope you enjoy it.  

Firstly, you will be using the corner dies to cut out of white cardstock. You will need four of these, and you can back them onto a colour card of your choice. I decided to back them onto black, but if you are using a black layer underneath you won't need to do this piece. 

Cut around the outside edges of the diecut with your scissors - there is no verso edge with these dies, but it is so easy to trim out. 

Next, prepare your flower.You can choose to use either of the Posie dies - Perfect Posies or Tangled Posies - to do this.   You will cut two of the flower dies and cut them out as shown. On the first one cut out the very middle, on the second one cut out the inside section. This is so we can layer them up to add some dimension. Layer onto your cardstock and cut around the outside edge to give it some colour. 

Now is sticking and creating time. Attach your corners - opposites first, so when the corners cross over it looks nice and neat. 

Take your white card blank, cut from an A4 card scored in half and trimmed square to 14.5cm x 14.5cm. Your black layer will be trimmed to 14 x 14cm and the corners stick on top of this. 

Here is your finished background. Just perfect to place your finished flower into the centre. 

Cut out some layers of cardstock to match in with your chosen colour theme, to fit into the centre of the card. You can cut at 8cm, 7.5cm square and 7cm square and mount these into the middle.

To finish, place your little flower in the centre. Add a sentiment if you choose to... decorate with Nuvo drops.... add a gem or two for a bit of sparkle - the choice is yours!

I hope you enjoyed the little tutorial and manage to follow it okay. Any questions, just ask!

Shopping List 

Tonic Studios Sew Pretty - Admiral Arches 1222e
Tonic Studios Sew Pretty - Perfect Posies - 1220e 
Tonic Studios Sew Pretty - Tangled Posies - 1224e

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Creating a shaped card blank from your Tonic verso dies

Good evening all...

Isn't time flying this week? Blimey... it doesn't seem two minutes since it was the start of the Bank Holiday and now it's all over, colder weather has come in and things have gone haywire!

I've had a few appointments this week with the chiropractor to try to sort out my shoulder. I really should learn not to slip and land on it shouldn't I? But it's finally getting sorted after putting up with it since early February and it's definately less painful. So, sorry for being a bit absent this week... but things went a bit bonkers.

So... what do I have for you today... well, it's another unedited video - a very quick one to show how to make a card blank using your shaped dies.

**Silly me - forgot that I was using a heavier weight card and when I went to put the lattice in the base it didn't cut perfectly. Just be aware that you need to watch the weight of your card, or at least turn it to get a good cut.**

Enjoy the video, I hope you find it a little bit helpful. xx


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How to extend your Patterned Panel dies to fill a card

Hello all......

Sorry I have been AWOL again, but there's been a speck of bother in the garden that needed sorting this past week. I have waged war on the slimy snails that are munching on my 'cumbers in the greenhouse and I've stripped it out completely - everything - and checked, rechecked and repositioned everything back in to evict the little blighters!

They've munched my dahlias, my lupins, my cucumbers, chili's and peppers and now this is war....! So out they went, into the wildnerness (aka the garden!) to live happy little lives and get stalked by our springer, Holly! I don't hurt them because I actually think they're really cute.

So... excitement of the eviction over, replanting and shuffling done in the garden, frog watching in the pond complete, I am here to share another little tutorial video with you.

This one is to show you how to extend your patterned panel dies to fill a card front. I used an A5 size sheet, but you can extend the pattern as large as your die cut maching will allow. I have shared a few hints and tips along the way, but I haven't edited the video, so grab some ear plugs if you need to. Haha.


This is the finished card. You can see that I trimmed down all the sides so they were nice and even, and mounted it onto a chocolate base card. The little dots along the centre were the leftovers from the die cut.

I hope you liked todays tutorial. I will try to get back tomorrow with another.
Until then...
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Creating glittery backgrounds using die cut leftovers

Good morning my crafting friends...

How are we all this morning? I've a little tutorial for you today as it's something that I keep getting asked about. It's how to create a glittery card background using the leftovers from your die cuts.

It's really easy to do, but I didn't have time to edit the video to make it more smooth running... hope you find it okay. xxx

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